Name: Ayos Reimer

Age: 210

Appearance: Ayos is a jet black dragon so dark in color that even in the night of the full moon his sillouhette can be seen clearly against the night sky, even up close its as though you were looking into a shadowy pit. His scales are so small they almost seem like skin but still posses all the toughness of a regular dragon's scales. The peak of his wings each have three claws which he uses for grasping whenever climbing something like a cliff face. He has a long neck and a narrow head that ends in a snout and has two small blue eyes. Over all he is a rather small dragon measuring six feet in length with a six foot wing span. His torso is only a little bulkier then the rest of his body he is also noticably lithe.

Personality: Calm and quiet Ayos does not converse much prefurring to only watch, he only gets involved when he feels it is necessary. He spends almost all his time drifting on the winds high abouve the world or only a foot off the ground. He only realy lands when he is tired or something of interest catches his eye. Despite his quiet demeanor he is quite progressive and likes to challenge himself and sometimes others whenever the chance arises. He is passive and often just leaves instead of getting into a fight. Whenever he does get into a fight he uses his temperature to whip up storms and if he can draw the opponent into the air where he has the advantage, being adept at flying in the most sevear weather.

Powers: Large scale temperature control

Opinion of humans: They have their good and bad sides like everything else in the world.

Likes: Drifting on the wind, flying thorugh difficult passes, peace and quite, jalapenio peppers, veal, pumpkin pie.

Dislikes: Fighting, argueing, marshes and lowlands, sweet peppers, sweat potatos, and squash.

Updates: Ayos has recently found that he enjoys being around children and now spends much of his time with any one of the hatchlings but in particular likes to hang out with Akuma. He has also become far more talkative through the passage of time.