Bahamut, the aeon of Bevelle.





Aeons are strange creatures. They are not dragons, but are summoned by summoners. They have unique powers, and due to the lack of summoners they are extremely rare to see, and cannot be captured. Aeons are gained very, very far away in a place called Spira. Bahamut is the aeon from the bustling city called 'Bevelle', which is the largest city in Spira. The threat of Sin is gone since Lord Summoner Braska killed Sin for good, but the fayth slipped into another dream and returned. Getting to the world of Dragons vs. Humans was a complete mistake for many; a trip over the platform of the Farplane threw them into a warp hole into this world. The first and only summoner here is Yuna. She is still able to call upon the fayth.