Balor is one of two Dracolichs that Galamonaro summoned to fight agains thte Empiricon with. Unlike his brother who seems to be permenantly calm Balor always seems to be angry. He rarely speaks in a civil tone tending towards a more wild speach pattern. He is wrerathed in purple arcanic fire and although it couldn't burn anyone it could never be put out either. He as black pits for eyes, he and his brother Asmodeus were part of five dracolichs that were made to take on the Guardians of Nature in a plight to take over the world. Naturally the attempt failed since it was more then just the Guardians of Nature working agianst them. The two dragons artificial souls were broken up into millions of tiny pieces and scattered throughout the world inside the souls of those yet to be born and those already dead. Nearly every soul has a tiny piece of at least one of the five dracolichs in question.

Balor's powers consist solely of the ability to breath Arcane fire. This fire can not be put out by any means other then completely burning up the unfortunate target. It's most dangerous quality is it's ability to transfer to flammable things that are too close.

Like his brother Balor was dispelled when he tried to kill Laura under the pretense of procting Galamonaro. Mal-Santran managed to get a hold of the bodies and has decided to put them to use.

This is a support NPC.