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Name: Chi Esteed
Age: 8
Residence: NE Rudvick
Ties: Sister to Rika


Chi was born and lives in Rudvick. She lived in a mansion in the town of Windfall with her older sister Rika. Her parents had only planned on one child and thus had less favor of Chi. She was however welcomed though at the same time, juggled around the family. Chi started to live at her grandmother's at a very young age and would simply visit her parents and sister at times. Since traveling a around family had gave a lonely feeling to Chi, she was granted permission by her parents to pick out a pet/slave dragon to keep her occupied. She'd shown favor to the beasts. She picked out her loving dragon, Zizi, and they've been together ever since.

Jack as a Lasarian Dragon by Kahmira

Zizi grew fast and became very attached to Chi himself. While Zizi cannot fly, he can run quite fast. Chi was able to get a saddle and ride Zizi once he got big enough. The dragon doesnt mind at all and considers her to be a friend. Chi has never treated Zizi like a slave after all. At 8 years of age, Chi took Zizi to see her sister in her large house and stayed there a while before again returning to her grandmother's house.


Chi is a very shy girl when she first meets someone. She'll stay quiet and sit off to the side to observe. Once she becomes more comfortable, Chi will instantly change. She is a very lively girl that is talkative and hyper to say the least. Gifts are things she enjoys giving to people along with being kind and friendly. Chi loves dragons and doesnt consider her own dragon a slave. But on equal terms as friends. When she was younger, Chi would hang around her sister, Rika often. In such, she came to know Albel quite well. His love for strawberries rubbed off on her and are now one of her favorite things to eat. Chi loves to run and play which means she hates sitting and long silence.

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