The Dragon of Pride Superbia by Juno Uno

Name: Crowe

Residence: Aquios

Breed: Spitfire

Age: 400

Gender: Male

Ties: Right-hand dragon to Woltar, leader of Aquarian troops

Advs and DisavdsEdit

Advs: tough armor that's usable as a weapon, white fire, speed

Disadvs: weak points, only speedy in air


Crowe is a stubborn dragon. He is straight forward in what he has to say and can sometimes be downright brutal to get his point across. He carries a temper which he is often scolded for by Woltar. Crowe values the rule of law and justice. He hates to see unfairness or brutality. Crowe is somewhat distant from others and quiet otherwise. He doesn't participate much in the tournaments of Aquios. This leads to others underestimating his strength often. Crowe is a clever fighter and often relies on out-witting his opponents although he can pack a nasty punch when he needs to.