Name: Dion
Age: 25
Residence: NE Rudvich
Status: Single
Ties: Scientist from the hybrid lab


As a young child, Dion was always interested in science. he had a curiosity of the molecular levels of living things. When he showed exceeding skill in his classes at school for science, he was invited to a test lab. The lab was kept hidden in the forest as a testing area for biological weapons. Specifically hybrid dragons. When he first arrived, Dion was assigned a fixed amount of hybrids to keep track of. He was 21 years of age when he first came to the lab. 1 year later Dion was put in charge of only 1 hybrid. That was the beginning of his experiences with Albel. Dion raised Albel for 4 years. He and the Hybrid grew close in a sort of father-son relationship.

After those years, Albel had grown larger and stronger. Dion had been ordered to kill Albel since he'd started to grow a bit out of their control. Of course, the scientist was reluctant to the idea. However, he was told if he didn't they would, and kill his brother too. After looking it over, Dion knew that Albel would die either way. If that was the case, he rathered the hybrid be handled by someone more familiar if only for the sake of being somewhat humane. However, during the execution, Albel's collar shorted out and the hybrid was freed from his bonds. Confused and Angered by Dion's actions, Albel had killed the scientist.

Years later a fellow scientist curious of the lab results ventured to the lab ruins with a necromancer, Undertaker from the village Windfall. Dion was brought back to life and questioned as to what happened at the lab. After, he met up with the now grown hybrid and quickly made amends before Albel would kill him again. The scientist currently resides in the town of Windfall, living in a small house and keeping to himself.


Dion is a very kind scientist. While he doesn't possess high skill in combat or anything of the like, he is very smart and good at comforting others. Dion likes to find solutions to problems out of his caring nature and also his curiosity. He has a shy nature and will keep to himself primarily unless spoken to first. His manners are outstanding and his temperment is that of the cheeto-cat style. Dion wont do something from peer pressure and is why the hybrids at the lab liked him- he didn't treat them badly like dirt as the other scientists did.