Goliath is the founder of the cult, which was an organization that used mages to find aquire and set free captive dragons before the spell was cast. He is easily the most powerful mage in the cult and was thought to know and be a master of all the magical arts made available to them by the dragons. Before teh spell was cast the cult stopped much of it's activity and was dispanded leaving only a few loyal members behind to watch over things in the city they were based in. Amongst these mages was Galamonero and Goliath. They were concerned that the dragons they hadn't managed to free would revolt and revolt they did. That night the entire city was in flames within minutes of the casting, Goliath and the others had their skills put to the test as they tried to bring the situation under control. They kept at this all night until finally the sun rose to a city of ruins and ashes and before them stood a particularly peeved Magi dragon that had been spending her time killing everything in her way. Goliath told the others to flee while he delt with the dragon and that is exactly what they did but even then they watched from afar as they saw their founder become engulfed in flame and his body dissapeared from the face of the earth. The Magi left and Galamonaro and the others returned to the scene only to find nothing left, not even ashes. The only things that remained of the cult were it's scattered members across the world and the hidden HQ. It wasn't until Goliath contacted his student Galamonaro through a dream that Galamonaro stopped believing that his master was dead, however the requests from his master were strange and began to bring down trouble for Galamonaro from the other cult members. Despite it's disbandment the laws of the cult still applied to it's members and Galamonaroo had to kill a fellow member in order to stay alive himself and keep his magic thanks to Goliath's unusual orders, and it seems to Galamonaro that things are only going to get more complicated. Since the rising of the Empiricon and Galamonaro's invlovment in the war against his master's wishes Goliath had gone silent. It would seem the founder of the cult had his own plans for his pupil.

This is a Background NPC. He will never make a personal appearance.