Gordon Swindells



Personality: Gordon is a very kind and caring person, but there is one person that he cares most about: Rika Esteed. He cannot identify the feeling called 'love' just yet, but it is a very strong feeling. His opinions are bold and heartfelt, and very strong. Often he is confused about not only his emotions but about his actions. Rika's presence has challenged him to rethink his opinions, to classify his emotions and sort out his actions. He has knowledge in herbal healing. He has not been severely angry at someone yet, and he has no clue as to what happens when he reaches a breaking point.

Brief Summary of Role Play History: Gordon lived in a tree. Literally, lived in a tree. He wove the living branches into a house in a huge pecan tree and lived there. He hunted dragons, and one day after killing a dragon he heard a commotion nearby. Rika and Albel were taking down a dragon, and they dispatched it with ease. He was discovered and Rika was ready to put an arrow in his head in the beginning. But after a while they came to know each other very well. He practically lived at her house. Rika gave Gordon a horse, whom he named Hinawa, and built a corral for him at his tree. He has cared for him since. Gordon realized after a while that he cared about Rika, but thought nothing of it. They've been through a lot. From a weird sheet creature to a giant fish, the most random things have happened to them.

Recently Gordon finally made his move; he kissed Rika. For a bit he was afraid she was mad at him, but later she told him it was fine.

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