A Moonlit Dragon by Kumlay


23 years

Icefire is a very kindhearted soul, but often makes mistakes in desperate situations. She has never felt jealousy before, only envy for those who have what she does not; a mate. She now knows that she is not the last of her kind, but the two other dragons that she knows is her parents, and whether or not there is another male she cannot begin to fathom. She is very defensive of who she is and what she stands for, and takes offense easily. Because she can hear the last thoughts of the creatures she kills, she does not kill humans or anything like horses. On occasion she will hunt larger game, such as deer or elk, if her hunger drives her to it. Icefire does not like feeling weak, for all of her life she has been strong. That was what has kept her alive all of these years.

Brief Summary of Role Play History:
Icefire, in the beginning, met Nick, a little boy. She began raising him like a child, and Nick regarded her as his mother. Icefire then met a hunter named Rika. After a long time of rivalry between the two, Icefire decided there was only one way. In one final showdown, Rika took Icefire's life. Afterward, an egg appeared on Rika's windowsill and hatched later into a moonlight dragon. This dragon slowly regained Icefire's memories. Not only did she regain memories; it was Icefire herself, granted the gift to be reborn this once by the moon. Afterwards their bond deepened. Troubled by the fact that Rika had to hide who she was from her parents (even though Rika was a dragon hunter), she often came over to her house in human form. Finally, after convincing Rika's mother that Icefire would be her roomate and that she could take care of herself, Rika became the owner of a home near the woods. After a while Icefire became entangled in the business of the Guardian League, and their bond thinned dangerously, and it has remained as such since.

Recently, Icefire met her parents, and a little before that she met a dragon named Sheik. Sheik is one of her few friends, and she is trying her best not to drive him away.