Nam: Kyl (no last name)

Age: 18 almost 19

Residence: NE Rudvick, Gridania

Status: Single


Kyl is a mystery, his history known but not by all. When he was a child maybe the age of 5 his family went on a picnic near some woods. Being a boy and an adventurer, he ran off only to get lost and found shelter in the rock side near him. He traveled along, trying to get back to his town only to constantly be turned around because of a large bear or sometimes even a dragon. About 2 weeks into the time lost, a dragon picked him up, this dragon was a female and was originally going to eat the child but felt sorry for him and instead, raised the child as her son.

When Kyl was around the age on 12, a hunter came for his 'mom'. Sensing the danger, the dragoness pushed Kyl into a large crevice in the rock wall of her cave, and used her tail to cover it. She faught firecly but this hunter was expirienced and her being distracted because of Kyl, led to her downfall. After the fight, Kyl grabbed a random sword and tracked the man attacking him, and killing him from behind. This was Kyl's first kill. He lived in the cave as long as he could, but was eventually forced out by the stench and the constant decomposers trying to get to his mother's carcuss.

After being drivin out, Kyl wandered, just like he did only 7 years earlier. He came apon a clearing, which he built fires around to keep preditors away and one in the middle to keep him warm. During the day time Kyl would typically cut down trees and hauling them to his clearing. He made a makeshift house, improving it as he went on in the years until he got to a three room house. He was 17 at this time and around this time he met Rika who he royally pissed off. Being shy, Kyl eventually left without a word, hunting dragons and humans alike. When he got back he stubbled into Rika, almost literally, and remained with her briefly. From that point, he worked on their friendship until he made a perverted joke, and pissed Rika off again.

He now resides in a new town. He does however plan to go back to Windfall and his old home in the woods, building it up and selling it for money.


Kyl's personality is odd. He went through a painful time, but turned around. Instead of being a social outcast and a shy child, he has moved on, talking with people, and becoming one with the city and its populants.