White hair blue fox

Advs and DisavdsEdit

Advs: superior healing powers, can shift from dragon to human form, 10,000 annoying damage. Critical hit!...(ok that doesnt quite count)

Disadvs: flawed hybrid- she has no defenses (her scales are as weak as human flesh... same goes for human form), shifting doesn't really help her with anything other than hiding.


Name: Lily

Breed: Hybrid

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Ties: Friends with Arceus


Lily is a very meek hybrid. She is considered a 'dud' in the hybrid lab. She's very weak in strength and armor but has fantastic healing powers which she is always willing to use on others. Lily is quite shy and will shift her form to best blend in with surrounding company. Lily is friendly but is hesitant to speak her mind.