Name: Malice Sintarath

Age: 501

Appearance: Malice is a Grand Copper dragon, his scale are very broad and his forearms incredibly thick. His claws are a slate gray and he has spikes protruding from his neck and head and his wings. His tail is very long and capable of wrapping his targets.

Personality: Violent to a fault, he attacks humans on sight and tries to kill them without hesitation. While he normally only fights humans if another dragon gets in his way he will not hesitate to fight and kill the dragon as well.

Powers: Firebreath

Opinion of Humans: They should all be reduced to ashes along with the forests they live in.

Likes: He prefers places like rocky outcrops and ruined cities. he enjoys hunting down every human man, woman, and child and torching them.

Dislikes: He hates it when a dragon protects humans for any reason. He also despises mountains and forests.

Updates: Since his meeting with Atlas he has become steadily more docile although his hatred for humans has never faded. It wasn't until after a treaty with the airship fleet was forged that he started acting more passively to humans however he has ulterior motives to this day. When the Empiricon rose to become a global threat his actions took on a more calculated and thought out pattern then his usual charge in head on and kill anything that doesn't suite your fancy. This is partly due to the fact that he now leads the firestorm horde. In a fight with a hunter to protect Atlas Malice had lost his eye but through rigerous training with Atlas is capable of functioning normally without it, and that includes fighting.