Age: 25

Appearance: brown hair brown eyes 5'8.5", slimish build.

Abilities and strengths.Edit

Savo is a good archer and fighter.

Not only that, but he is aware that he is a character in the role play, and has the ability to read the text that's been posted. This makes him very useful to H.M.A.P. as it allows him to know what's going on everywhere. Although the H.M.A.P. members do not know how he finds out his information, because if he told them they'd probably think he's delusional.


very smart, not gullible, very funny, very genre savvy.
Opinion of dragons: Somewhat dislikes them.

He's very good friends with Branico and is also friends with Scienco.
Likes: people, people who listen to him.

Dislikes: annoying narrators, people who think he's delusional, plot important dragons.