For Humans Username: Forsaken Rider of dreams


Name: Marcus "Shadow" Eadric Age: 18

Appearance: Shadow is a tall male with a swimmer cut and a long range runners legs. On his chest he has a black tribal like tatoo in the shape of a dragon. His right eye glows white for it's Cornea and Iris and Pupil are missing leaving only the Sclera. It glows because of the magic infused into it. Shadow to keep this hidden, used a dagger to carve a scar into his face over his eye so he could put a wrap around it and no one question the reason the wrap is there. He wears a dark black leather trench coat jacket falling down to his knees and a dark pair of blue jeans. He wears a black studded belt that sits at aan angle, with his sword connected to the bottom of the angled belt. His sword was of medium length with a onyx black sheath and black leather wrapped handle.

Personality: Shadows personality is very quiet based. He couldn't care about talking with people until he gets to know them. He is a very loyal person though and strives to please his friends.

Weapons: Shadow carries three weapons: a medium length onyx black katana and two curve onyx black bladed dagger, his last weapon is not carried though. He also has magic, a special eye magic. When he activates the magic he is able to see in straight black darkness for he gets thermal and night vision in his right eye.

Opinion of dragons: Shadow is ok with dragons but kills them because he feels like they are the only real competition.

Likes: Shadow likes the darkness, black colored things, and the ability to serve his friends.

Dislikes: doesnt really dislike anything.