Sketcher Aeron by Majime

Name: Sheik
Age: ???
Residence: NE Rudvick
Status: Single
Ties: Icefire's friend
Breed: ???
Abilities: Control weather, fire breath

Advs and DisavdsEdit

Advs: Blends with night sky, can summon snow spirits, controls weather, fire breath

Disadvs: only used to hide, can summon limited amounts at a time, he cannot control where large natural forces head (like tornados)


Sheik was born in the high parts of the northeast Rudvick mountains. He lived there for a number of years amongst his own species. His home was very snowy one in the high altitudes. Caves filled the mountain tips and hovered over small flats which contained springs filled with fish. Dragons would fly down from the mountain to harvest fish and take them to the mountani spring where they could be eaten and also breed to make more food. Sheik never knew his parents and in such lead a lonely life in the mountains. His own breed was becoming quite rare. After a while Sheik decided to leave the high altitudes to explore the world below. He'd been curious of a world with things like grass, sand, and trees. He arrived at the lower plains to find it being winter. Though a bit disappointed, Sheik stayed in the lower altitude after meeting a friend that was also part of a dying breed.



Shiek adores watching the night sky. He is nocturnal himself and loves to fly against the darkness. Because of his print, Sheik is invisible during the night. His markings glow brightly which make him look like a nebula and stars in the sky. He has a bit of a reclusive nature since he didn't grow up in large company. Sheik will shy away from crowds. It doesn't affect his attitude any towards others though. He is a wise talking dragon that lives to take more peaceful approaches on things. He values saving a life over getting revenge. At the same time, Sheik is very protective. He won't let harm come to those he cares for without a fight. Since he grew up in the mountains, Sheik has nearly no experience with humans and thus has no opinions on them. He has a thing for children, no matter the species. Growing up in the snow has made Sheik quite fond it water, frozen or not. Sheik dislikes being around hard-headed or immature people as he hates pointless fights. In a word, Sheik is mellow.