.there are those that are innocent.


The purpose of the Guardian League is to protect the humans and dragons that are innocent and have no part in the war. Made up of nine dragons, the Guardian League was created by Icefire, the moonlight dragon. Each of the dragons protects a single town, and any citizen or visitor of the town does not hunt or enslave dragons. Dragons also live in peace among these cities as well.


The Guardian League is strict, but it is for a reason. They protect only those who do not cause trouble or disrupt what they do. Any citizen that hunts, kills, or enslaves a dragon against its will will suffer the consequences. Once the simple rules are broken, there are a few choices:

  • Banish the one(s) who committed the crime(s)
  • The one(s) who committed the crime(s) must leave of their own accord
  • The one(s) who committd the crime(s) are killed or jailed as punishment

Some believe the rules and consequences are too harsh, but very, very few complain, for the protection of a Guardian League dragon is something many humans (and dragons) wish they had. There are a lot of supporters for the Guardian League, as well as a lot of opposition toward the group.


Leader: Icefire
Second-in-Command: Kenkiyo (Vine)
Other Members: Skyzia (Skywing), Meltia (Magi), Shuyin (Sunise), Fortnight (Sunset), Magma's Reign (Lava), Valefor (Sunsong Amphiptere), Kaidon (Red)