Shadow walker

Tic and TwickEdit

Tic and Twick are male Shadow Walker twins born from the same egg. They look completely Identical. They were born and raised in the city of Kirlsa. They speak in the same tone, having identical voices as well. They have mastered speaking in perfect sync with each other, and do so often. The twins are incurrable pranksters. Their pranks are safe and harmless on the offhand. The two are funny and friendly to others they meet. While they are friendly, they also have a perfect fighting sync.


These twins usually fight in symetrical style. Each of their moves always comliments the other. As Shadow Walkers, they can leave physical form to hide in the shadows and avoid harm. Each has very powerful illusion spells that can even fool Magi dragons. While they rely much on illusions, they are proficient in binding spells that slow enemies, or restrict movement entirely.


The twins are playful and cheery. They will make the best of any seemingly bleak situation. Both are full of energy and will always bouncy around with much energy. Pranks are their primary source of entertainment and they specialize in it. Since they carry a high level of cleverness, some pranks can be elaborate. The twins are not entirely mature and will often pout if something doesn't go their way.


  • Fish
  • Pranks
  • Playing
  • Practicing magic
  • Confidence


  • Being called kids
  • Treated weak
  • Getting caught in a prank
  • Fruit