Kuroshitsuji the Undertaker by dragonea89

Name: ??? (often called Undertaker because of his job)

Age: ???

Ties: none

Residence: Windfall (NE Rudvick)

Gender: Male

Advs and DisavdsEdit

Advs: shinigami eyes, uses a scythe, is a talented necromancer, as a Shinigami, he is near indestructable

Disadvs: will not share what he sees with mortals (shinigami eyes), extremely passive- very rare he'd attack even when attacked, his collective bodies are vulrable to holy magic, there are still specific weak points and ways to kill Shinigami

Funfacts (because it just wouldn't be fun to make a full bio when he's a mysterious creeper ;D)Edit

  • He is a former high-ranking Shinigami - someone who collects souls
  • He has Shinigami eyes - able to see a person's name and when they will die above their head
  • Necromancy is his favorite hobby next to taking care of the dead
  • He will exchange information for a good joke
  • His eyes are rarely seen but known to be very creepy
  • He does not identify with personal space